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Moving war drama about the last day's in Hitler's bunker - with Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler.

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Der grosse Kanton

What if Germany joined Switzerland as the 27th canton? Viktor Giacobbo gathers opinions. Is the solution to Switzerland's future to integrate Germany into the confederation

Commercial Men

Viktor Vogel wears jumble sale clothes and has never really made much of his life so far. His loser image is very misleading, however. Viktor knows what he wants – namely to

Dead Man Down

Viktor (Colin Farrell) manages to infiltrate a group of gangsters operating in New York. Although he saved the life of the gang's boss Alphonse (Terrance Howard) during a

Dead Fucking Last

comedian and celebrated working partner of Viktor Giacobbo is along for the ride on this dumbed-down bike trip. In the wake of Swiss flops like Tell and Das Missen-Massaker, this movie promises to be another fiasco.

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Alexander the Great and the Red Dragon

next big – in the true sense of the word – projects: the «Alexander the Great»-trilogy by the Italian author Valerio Manfredi and a sequel to «Hannibal». The three parts of the

Jude the Great

As we have reported before, “Hannibal” producer Dino De Laurentis wants to make a film based on the life of Alexander the Great. To read up on the great emperor, he has bought

The death of a great producer

The death of a great producer

Golden Globes: «Chicago» emerges as victor

musical «Chicago» was the runaway victor of the evening, amassing 3 Golden Globes: best actor (Richard Gere), best actress (Renee Zellweger) and best film in the category «Comedy