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Il capitale umano

to offer depth within the limits of their frame – casting Valeria Bruni Tedeschi as yet another bored and unhappy bourgeois is not very imaginative. Far from being a bitter

La pazza gioia

hate each other become friends and ultimately save each other from the chaos of their lives. Putting its focus on humor, Like Crazy tells an all-too familiar story. *Valeria Bruni

Un château en Italie

Young Ludovic (Filippo Timi) plays at acting without much conviction. Not far from the set, he meets Louise (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), who is 20 years older than him. She is a

Amores perros

of a road accident. The second story is about Daniel, who leaves his wife to live with top model Valeria. But she is another victim of the same car crash and finds herself hiding

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Jude the Great

three books by the Italian Valerio Manfredi. But now it looks as if the Americans might be quicker in making their own version of the epic. Shooting is expected to start as soon as

Depardieu retires

Gilou, who has made lost of successes, and has made a really good film with this «Michou D'Auber». I retire in style with this film. It's wonderful.« The drama »Michou d'Auber« deals with the relationship between France and Algeria.

Harry Potter in outer space

movies. November's feature was the new Harry Potter flick, which colleagues William McArthur and Valery Tokarev, who have been in the station for six months, were able to enjoy 354 km above the earth.

Doug Liman plans spy thriller with Kidman and Crowe

Doug Liman, director of «The Bourne Identity» and «Mr. & Mrs. Smith» is planning a movie version of the book «Fair Game: My Life as a Spy». The role of former CIA agent Valerie