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God tells Evan to build an ark. Will he succeed? The Noah's Ark story for the 21st century.

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A storm rages, the day breaks, night falls and days pass...

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unknown in Switzerland, deserves all the laughs he gets with his mimicry and lines, Duchovny is as dry as ever. In order to escape the alien zoo unscathed, director Ivan Reitman

The High Sun

Croatia, 1991. Ivan and Jelena are in love and decide to leave their village to live together. But because she is Serbian and he is Croatian, their relationship is viewed with

Runner, Runner

for those wanting to launch an online gambling site, to look for Ivan Block, the super-rich businessman who heads up the flourishing society in the industry. Richie is soon noticed


Night is coming: Ivan Locke, manager of a large construction site in Birmingham, tells his crew they will be pouring the foundation for a big project the next day. But Locke won’t

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Van Gogh trial begins

The trial of the suspected murderer of Théo Van Gogh, director of the documentary short «Submission: Part I», began in Amsterdam on Monday. November 2, 2004: Théo Van Gogh

Iran is shocked by «300»

The psychological warfare between the US and Iran has gone beyond the borders of politics. The Iranian media and government are incensed at the portrayal of ancient Persians by

Iran says no

Iran says no

Iran vs. Mickey Rourke

«The Wrestler» and its star Mickey Rourke raise ire in Iran. Winner of the Golden Lion in Venice, «The Wrestler» is considered one of the best films of the year by movie