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Wild Women: Gentle Beasts

by tamers, director Anka Schmid goes behind the scenes of the not very noble circus image to unravel the mystery of its protagonists. By filming the silent communication, the

La Sapienza

50-year-old Alexandre Schmid has arrived at a stage in his life where nothing excites him, neither his job as an architect nor his marriage with Aliénor. On vacation in the Lago

Was bleibt

completely fixed? Adapted from the book by Bernd Lange, who also wrote the screenplay, this film by Hans-Christian Schmid (Requiem) has intimate questions for the audience

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Jack Nicholson between mother and daughter

«, will write the screenplay and direct. Nicholson will first come to Swiss theatres at the end of next year in »About Schmidt«, which already premiered at Cannes.

Golden Globes: «Chicago» emerges as victor

/Musical«. Jack Nicholson for his role in the movie »About Schmidt « and Nicole Kidman for her part in »The Hours« were decorated in the category »Best actor in a drama«. The latter

Christmas present for «Sideways»

On January 16, the tragicomic drama «Sideways» may take home as many as 7 Golden Globes. «About Schmidt» director Alexander Payne's «Sideways» is one of the big favorites of

Daniel Schmid dies of cancer

Daniel Schmid, one of Switzerland's greatest directors, died this weekend at 64. The news cast a pall over the film festival in Locarno, where he was a frequent