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Billy Elliot wants to become a ballet dancer - to the dismay of the mining community of his home town.

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Revenge is a dish best served cold: Uma Thurman and her sword are back and ready to put a definite end to...

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Tarantino's fourth movie is a blood-filled roller coaster ride through Asian genre cinema, with Uma Thurman...

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Kill Bill: Volume 1

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Boule et Bill

suburbs, Boule and his parents get a new start, one that is not very favorable for the antics of the new member of the family: Bill the dog. So the little guy bends over backwards to make himself loved by Boule’s grumpy father...

The Fifth Estate

Bill Condon's film follows the trail of Daniel Domscheit-Bergs, who founded WikiLeaks with Julian Assange. German IT specialist Daniel Domscheit-Berg is so impressed by

Independence Day: Resurgence

there are still some familiar faces (Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman), but the movie seems much less in tune with the times. This is both its strength and weakness, as it offers

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New Jury President for Cannes

The great Scandinavian actress Liv Ullmann will replace Jodie Foster as president of the Jury at the next Cannes festival. Liv Ullmann is known as a writer, a director and

Casting for «Kill Bill» is underway

Quentin Tarantino's surprising decision to recast the role of Bill in «Kill Bill» has brought his latest movie back into the headlines: Warren Beatty's out, David Carradine is in

Tarantino makes a two-part «Kill Bill»

Tarantino fans can't wait, and they may even get a double helping: his new movie «Kill Bill» is due in US theatres in October and may be shown in two parts. After many years of

Hangover: a hefty bill

How much would the fun of «Hangover» really cost? Vegas showman Jack Safin tallies up the bill. One of the funniest comedies to come out of the US lately, the spectacularly