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An architect from a very conventional milieu has an adventure with another woman who is engaged to be married.

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Two Beijing teenagers quarrel over a bicycle in Wang Xiaoshuai's virtual carbon copy of "Ladri di Biciclette".

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Kyss mig

life plans and not care what anyone thinks, so she can be her true self? This film by Swedish director Alexandra-Therese Keining begins strongly, with fine cracks appearing in

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Seagal is keeping a low profile

Seagal is keeping a low profile

America's gay community takes on John Travolta

America's gay community is raining critique down on John Travolta, whom they denounce for belonging to a homophobic organization while playing Edna Turnblad in the remake of

Richard Gere: boycott the Olympic Games in Beijing

In Venice to present his new movie, «The Hunting Party», Richard Gere called for a boycott of the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008. As the chairman of the International

Shining: the sequel?

In Toronto for a reading moderated by David Cronenberg, Stephen King has told fans he has been thinking about writing a sequel to «The Shining», which Stanley Kubrick turned into