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The Dictator

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USA 2012
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Cruel, ignorant, immature, racist, chauvinist and paedophile, the Muslim dictator Admiral General Aladeen runs his country with an iron fist. With power thanks to oil riches, he kills anyone who makes the mistake of disagreeing with him. Three days before he's due to give a speech at the UN, he's the victim of a coup d'tat and finds himself shaved, penniless and unrecognizable on the streets of New York, where he meets in a health food store a young Jewish woman who is an anti-globalization advocate. She introduces him to the western way of life, to freedom of expression, democracy, feminists with unshaven armpits, masturbation and finally, love... Go to movie review from Constantin Xenakis

Director: Larry Charles

Release date: 17.05.2012 (German Switzerland) - 20.06.2012 (Romandie) - 18.05.2012 (Ticino)

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