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USA 2011
Comedy, Romance
5 1
Cal is over 40 and living the American Dream. But then he finds out his wife cheated on him and wants a divorce. And it gets worse: now single, Cal realizes he has no idea what to do on a modern date. Then he meets a womanizer named Jacob who teaches him all there is to know about how to get girls and show some style. Instead of outdated jeans, Cal soon starts wearing Prada suits, a workout boot camp turns his love handles into a six-pack, and thanks to his new-found self-confidence he's now getting dates. But when Jacob falls for Hannah and swears off sleeping around, Cal also realizes he should fight to get back the love of his life. Go to movie review from Catharina Steiner

Release date: 18.08.2011 (German Switzerland) - 14.09.2011 (Romandie) - 16.09.2011 (Ticino)

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