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A newly separated woman and her daughter find themselves living in a run-down apartment plagued by strange...

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A shy dreamer goes on an expedition to Greenland and Iceland to find a legendary photographer.

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The Swiss film industry gets a shot in the arm

Swiss cinema is back on track with more tickets sales and popular Swiss movies.

Ashes scattered in the ocean

The parents of Ellen Walker, who died at Age 92 this October, inspired the authors of «Titanic». Her ashes were scattered in the high seas. The ashes of a woman conceived on

Batman: advance ticket sales break records

A few years ago, American movie studios introduced advance ticket sales for the opening days of big-budget movies. The next Batman movie, «The Dark Knight», is already a

Rise in sex toy sales thanks to George Clooney!

A recent rise in sex toy sales in the States is due mainly to George Clooney. This is what an industry professional told the New York Post's PageSix site: «Small mentions of