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An 18-year-old finds a revolver that changes his life. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg from a script by Lars...

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Hollywood's latest dream couple

journey together. Directed by Danish Thomas VinterbergFesten»), this is the first time that cinema goers will have seen Kate Beckinsale and Johnny Depp as lovers – albit

Bad guy for Spider-Man announced

Noticed for his subtle performance in «Sideways», Thomas Haden Church will play the bad character in the third installment of «Spider-Man». Nominated for the Oscar and the

New Pink Panther sequel

MGM has announced it will make a series of sequels to recent hits, most notably «The Thomas Crown Affair» and «The Pink Panther», with Steve Martin continuing his role as

Movies for the blind

In Denmark, movies have been made accessible to the sight impaired. «A Father Comes Home» by the director Thomas Vinterberg, is the first movie to be projected for a blind