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Robert Thalheim’s movie about the complicated life of a German urban family. There’s a children’s party to organize, someone desperately has to pee while in the car, or Specky


In the near future of Mega City One, the cops rule as judge, jury and executioner over 800 million people. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and his colleague Anderson (*Olivia Thirlby

Il comandante e la cicogna

non-conformist who doesn’t work and spends his time criticizing urban life. Diana is hired by a lawyer to paint a fresco of his achievements. There she meets Leo, who has come to

Pas très normales activités

After the death of his grandmother, Octave (Norman Thavaud) moves into her country house with his girlfriend Karine (Stefi Celma). The young urban couple decides to film their

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Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese go Orange

The mobile phone company Orange wins the support of Wong Kar-Wai, Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese for its latest advertising campaign. Their task is to create a spot of under

Director Karel Reisz has died at the age of 76

Karel Reisz, born in the Czech Republic in 1926 was best known for films such as «The French Lieutenant's Woman» starring Meryl Streep or «Everybody Wins» featuring Nick Nolte

Norah Jones to make her acting debut for Wong Kar-wai

American jazz vocalist Norah Jones will make her acting debut in an English language movie by Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai as reported by Monday's local press. The pianist

Nicole Kidman to wed soon

After weeks of rumors, Nicole Kidman has confirmed she will soon marry country singer Keith Urban. After weeks of rumors, country singer Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman