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No sex on the planet of the apes

astronaut Mark Wahlberg and the princess of the apes Helena Bonham Carter. Apparently, the romantic scene was already shot when the studio bosses heard about it. They feared

Monkey business

acting career after making her debut in Planet of the Apes. In the film she has the privilege of kissing Mark Wahlberg, the lead («The Perfect Storm») in place of *Helena Bonham

Planet of the Jacksons

know guest Mark Wahlberg's opinion on whether co-star Helena Bonham-Carter was sexy in her simian role in «Planet of the Apes» – for which she dons a plethora of prostheses, make-up

Tim Burton's ex wants millions

, is asking for a $5.4 million settlement. Marie says Burton promised her the settlement after leaving her for Helena Bonham Carter («Fight Club») during the 2001 production of