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Documentary about 100-year-old Swiss painter Hans Erni.

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Quiet documentary about life away from the fast lane.

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Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück

Dark Star - HR Gigers Welt

Documentary about Swiss artist Hans Rudolph “Hansruedi” Giger.

En mai fais ce qu'il te plaît

May, 1940. Escaping a small village in the north of France, Max is separated from his father Hans, a German political opponent of the Nazi regime who has been imprisoned as a

Bibi & Tina - Der Film

heading towards Martinshof. First the conceited Sophia von Gelenberg shows up, who’s after Tina’s friend Alexander, and Hans Kakmann the nasty businessman wants the young foal «Socke». Bibi tries to solve the problem with witchcraft.

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Tom Hanks

with the latest Tom Hanks film, “Cast Away”, his friends have time to mull over the Christmas present Hanks gave to them. Thematically linked to the film, it has to be said

Tom Hanks has Watergate project in the works

Tom Hanks' production company has just bought the rights to the story of Mark Felt, better known as Deep Throat from the Watergate affair. Felt broke his 30-year silence by

Daniel Craig has «large, fleshy ears», say rabid Bond fans

Moore. But no new Bond has suffered an insult as great as Daniel Craig. Rabid Pierce Brosnan fans have lashed out at Craig’s casting, going so far as to set up a website

Tom Hanks makes Guinness

Tom Hanks has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records: seven movies in a row – between 1998 and 2002 – have made more than $100 million each in North America. A man who